Friday, October 2, 2009

Woven into You

I knocked on your door
could you let me in?

invitation granted
the dance of creation started

into these realms
no conscious mind reaches up
only the lightest
most intricate parts of us

what is going on
we are carried away
I am willing effect
the most pleasurable ways
being taken, embraced

oh i cannot follow
no, don't try to follow
just feel it, just feel it
just let yourself go

hold me, hold me
oh, no, let me go 

hold me, hold me
I feel woven into you
and in the same time
joyfully free

by Ruby J Star


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Learning to take it all

Travelling through a wild country of enchanted mountains stopping over in a small picturesque village - its charm got me to stop and stay for the night.

I’m already after dinner, sitting in the local bar.

New town - new people, listening to stories, learning what's happening in an area, checking out the hottest studs… I know I am naughty. My profession has to do with satisfying well paying clients in any way they please – I know my tricks, I know my clients...

One thing I don’t know much about is my limits...