Thursday, November 5, 2009


Smooth control

An ordinary man - by aussie_ella

Pushing her gently back onto her knees he once again told her to stay, and got up to fetch her bindings. He carefully appraised her on his return, noting the solidity of her nipples, the sweat under her arms and down the valley of her spine, and lastly the swollen dark appearance of her cunt. He ran a finger along her slit possessively, feeling the slippery smoothness of the juices starting to drip from her and his cock jumped. "You are such a good girl....with such a wanting cunt, aren't you, Ella? You're fertile now, aren't you? In heat for Daddy?"

She nodded and moaned softly, loving the way he knew her, the way he always had known her, better than she knew herself. She felt her body relaxing a little more, and he took the opportunity to place the cuffs on her wrists snugly, the smooth leather fitting nicely around her. He pulled her to her feet with some words of encouragement, and led her to his bedroom where he placed her carefully on the bed, moving slowly, not wanting to frighten her. Positioning her on her belly, he first chained her wrists together above her head through the rings on her cuffs, then looped the chain to the bed-head, tying her securely so she was flat on her belly. She turned her head to the side as he tied her, trusting him now as he moved deliberately and slowly, so calm and controlled it gave her confidence.

The cuffs on her ankles felt as smooth and warm as those on her wrists and she only whimpered softly as he spread her legs wide open, her instinct to close her legs strong. "Ella. Open your legs wider for Daddy." His tone was firm but warm. He watched her obey him for the first time, the first time she had to do as she was told against her want and wish. And he smiled as she obeyed, his cock pulsing as he watched her thighs quiver, her cunt so open to him now as he shackled her ankles to the spreader bar.

He stepped back, admiring his work. Her prone body was quite beautiful, spread and chained and he found himself stroking his cock slowly simply looking at her. Her cunt was unusual, dark like her nipples and anus, very swollen with big dark lips and an incredible propensity to drool. He had only seen a handful of subs this wet in his life and he felt compelled to touch her there.