Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nipple orgasm

In the middle of the night, when I came in the bedroom, I found him sitting in the bed, reading. I climbed on the bed, went on my knees besides him, and looked at his kind face. He gazed into my eyes for a long moment, then he pulled me close to his chest, lightly kissing and biting my neck that sent shivers through my body. Then made me lye into his lap. I looked up to him.

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He was not preparing me for what he wanted to do. Just started off and got me right into the middle. A mere touch of his hand melted me down and made me drop any conscious plan or articulate thought. At this time he went for my nipples. As usual, I could not resist. I closed my eyes - I was simply gone.

His hands wandered higher on my chest, he forced them under my bra and started his play. My nipples became rock hard and erected, like sweet candy ready for licking and sucking. His hands were literally radiating a deeply penetrating sensual energy. Every move and touch of his hand sent goosbumps all over my breasts and body.

For a moment I looked up and his eyes said lovingly "Yeah, that's my little girl" - then he went right to work again. He sucked one nipple, biting it artfully while rubbing the other one with a feather-like touch that made me moan. I was now thoroughly aroused through my tits. I gave over my full body to his touch - not that I had any other choice - letting him play on it like on a fine instrument - and playing he was. Like a concert pianist.

Pleasure sweeping me over, I raised my arms, nodding my head from side to side as if I were dreaming - yes, I was. He did not let me sleep though, kept on intensely adoring my nipples, my breasts and every part of my body where he was able to reach - I squirmed and heaved my chest up and down to the rhythm of his motions. I was not acting, I felt like I was going to come. He was not touching my clitoris at all, still I felt I was getting the full treat - I was hot and wet everywhere. I squeezed and rubbed my tights together, as my whole body was engulfed with pleasure waves. Coming back from my daze I realized I got treated with my first nipple orgasm...