Thursday, October 15, 2009

Secrets of amazing hot sex - Surprise

Let me illustrate it with an example.

You enter the room in a lunchbreak unsuspecting - nothing to see on his face, not suspecting anything, nothing spoken about or arranged -

but suddenly, you see a playful spark in his eyes, melting into a passionate glare of a hunting wild animal spotting its prey, and your arm is clasped, you are drawn onto his lap, no way to resist, he is strong, he is determined, and things go out of control in a second -

being kissed with passion, you are gasping, as you feel his hot breath on your neck, and down, blouse unbuttoned, nipples going crazy being stroked softly, then bitten hard - you are loosing control, cannot help it, you end up leaning agaist the window seal wet hot with your naked bottom perking,

5 amazing secrets of hot-hot-hot sex

Do you want to engage in sex which is super hot all the way?

Experience the most intense, prolonged orgasms you've ever imagined?

Want to feel like you never quite have enough of it?

Then you are at the right place. In the next days, I will post a series of articles here, offering some of the secrets I have learned from my experiences as a geisha.

It is probably not a secret that there are some elements that are common to any good sex. For example, having some kind of a balance of giving and taking. But there is much more to it. Some of you intuitively know and use these, I am sure. Some of you consider one or the other element the most important. But having all these at your fingertips (or at the tips of your tongue, cock, or whatever other parts) can make you into a sex master and giving you awesome power over the other sex. You would not mind that, would you?

I will not keep you waiting, will not sell you a book or a course or anything - I will just get into the middle of it, and give you the hot dope.

Here are the 5 key secrets to amazing hot sex:

  1. Surprise
  2. Passion
  3. Control
  4. Pressure
  5. Rhytm
 I will illustrate each with live examples, starting with surprise.

Stay tuned!