Monday, December 7, 2009

A woman giving head with eyes open - power game?

I read about this question on a blog a few weeks ago.

It was also discussed, whether to kiss with open or closed eyes.The vast majority of voters voted in favor of kissing with eyes closed.

But when they asked the readers how they like to give oral pleasure (help: blowjob, licking), with eyes open or closed, more were in favor keeping their eyes open.

Non-representative survey result showed that both versions have their fans, except those who are not willing to go oral at all, but that will be the subject of another post:
68% voted for keeping eye contact,
21% voted for closing their eyes
11% does not like to engage in anything oral...

Zoe Britton - found on Nudidity 

Those who voted for eyes closed say that this is mainly a sign that the active party enjoys what he or she does. This, as they said, also increases the excitement of the other partner. However, there were those who siply get embarrassed catching a glimps of their partner looking at them while giving a blowjob, and rather close their eyes instead.

But most swear by keeping eye contact.

One of the men interviewed said that he considers it a power game when a woman is looking in his eyes while having his dick is in her mouth. He voted for open eyes in the case of licking: "I like to see it in her eyes, the growing desire, the demand for orgasm. To me, that the exciting, especially when we maintain eye contact all along till she comes. "

It is not something to judge on, it's more of a question for a vote. Do you open your eyes or keep it closed while you orally satisfy your partner? The truly courageous could also write the reason why.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

5 Secret spots of pleasure

A simple foot massage for warm-up

Sit down at the end of the bed, and take one of her feet in your lap. Gently massage it from ankle to toe using both of your hands. Then massage every toe separately, not too hard, paying special attention to the middle toe which has a direct nerve connection to the genitals. It is very relaxing and also stimulating.

There are many nerve endings and meridians running down on the sole of the foot that affect hormonal flow, heart rate, blood pressure. Stimulating them prepares her for a long and hot evening to come. Even if you are not a professional at it, she will appreciate the attempt and try something new, wild and hot just to thank you.

Using your tongue on her underbelly

Start running your tongue around her bellybutton, then give a slow, sensual lick to her underbelly straight down to the top of her genital area, then up again, across that sensitive smooth belly, making her shiver in pleasure. Then run your tongue all around the "target area", lick her hips, her upper and inner thighs, her stomach - and then treat her belly with your tongue again.

Repeat slowly till you get some acrobatic moves as a response. These are very sensitive areas and their stimulation encourages blood flow to the genitals, and this is what you want. Anytime you use your tongue for something else than just going straight for her cavities, she is going to thank you for it in special ways...

From Sexoteric blog

Swat her butt

Did you know, that her sweet round backside is so rich with nerve endings? Touching it soft or stimulating it a little harder during intercourse will get her even more hot.

You can also use your tongue on her butt and make her wiggle in pleasure, you can even give it a bite, stroke it soft, bury your nails in it - and occasionally swat it, causing a surprise and a sense of alfa-male control - it can be all very exciting for her!

So, just slap that nice rounding once in a while and who knows what you'll get in return.

Kiss her eyelids

Close her eyes by delicately kissing the eyelids, let her enjoy this special sensation. The skin of the eyelids is very thin, the nerves are almost at the surface, so you can imagine that it is quite sensitive. So be very gentle, and it will also increase her trust toward you.

It's a pleasant surprise for her when you do something totally new or unexpected, instead of the usual kissing - nipples - boobs - butt - licking, etc.

Stimulate the most sensitive areas of skin

The skin that rarely sees sun is extra sensitive. Begin by gently kissing the backs of her knees, or her neck or the underside of her upper arm. Kiss and lick, lightly first, then build up the pressure, till you kiss it very hard. You might even bite a little if she likes it - it might be hard for her to stand it first, as these areas likely to tickle - but if you do it gradually she will take a lot more.

Every square inch of skin contains more than 1,000 nerve endings. So make sure you don't ignore any inch of her. Giving a luxury treat to such sensitive skin areas once in a while makes her a happy, lusty woman - ready to give you all she has got.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Japanese massage

This week's hot story selection from
A young Japanese-American gets a Seikan massage. And she likes it.

Quoting from Female masturbation, Japanese style - part 1


His fingertips went under her body, grazing over her hanging breasts, teasing the nipples to hardness. They tickled her hips before sliding between her legs to run sensuously between her thighs. She felt him grab one of her inner thighs.

"Spread your legs wider Eriko."

He grabbed her thigh, pulling her leg open, then moved to the other thigh and extending her legs until she was obscenely spread. Her legs almost ached from the wide expanse. His fingers ran over her ass again, her cheeks spread wide, allowing complete access to her pink inner pussy. His fingers ran up and down her slit, paying special attention to her vagina, teasing the open hole.

"Your pussy and asshole are so open for me Eriko. Do you like being on your knees and spread for me?"

"Mmmmew," she moaned in pleasure as his hands seem to be everywhere, her body unprotected, unable to stop him from touching her intimately. Her hips moved up and down in mock fucking as he caressed her flesh so intimately. How did she get into this position? She only came her a half hour ago and already he had her naked and was masturbating her spread body. Not even her boyfriends had done as much. Nor had they ever made her feel so good before. The humiliation of being in such an obscene position before a stranger somehow clouded the issue of the pleasure he was extracting from her body.

She felt the edge of his hand slide between her cheeks, sliding up and down, his hands moving over her ass cheeks, down between her thighs and back up her pussy. "Eeeh," she moaned in pleasure, her ass rising up and down. He kept one hand on her back, keeping her down while his other hand kept her ass thrust up for him. "Mmmmew," she moaned as his hands played along her sides before moving to her hips, his other hand sliding along her slit. He stopped, leaving her needing his touch.

"Turn over."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The longest kiss in the history of Hollywood

Found on Flickr

"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words becom
e superfluous.” - Ingrid Bergman

In 1946, Alfred Hitchcock got around the censors by having Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman take a series of little kisses, for a long period of time in "Notorious". Hitch broke the Hollywood censor record then, for the longest kiss scene in Hollywood history. The censors were outraged, but he did not break their rules, and so this scandalous scene is remembered as one of the first sexy scenes of the silver screen.

...I love these pictures because it reminds me of the ultimate thrill of that first kiss with someone. The passion and excitement of that first time your lips lock is never again realized, and is to be cherished. It's like the first moments of discovering and it's intoxicating.

I love kissing."

Kissing with passion

Passionate kissing is one of the best ways to express your admiration, your appreciation, your love. When you feel so emotional that looking at her nearly brings tears of joy in your eyes, a kiss can express your emotions and gratitude better than thousand words.

In such a moment eyes do the taking. So keep yours open and look deeply into those beautiful ones of your partner. Because through those eyes you will see so much while you kiss. There is an intense transfer of emotions and beyond-conscious thoughts. In these magic moments you are granted access to the very private and otherwise hidden personal world of your loved one. A special experience, not just physically.

And your passion will naturally grow.

So keep your eyes open, during the kiss also pull away sometimes, look into her eyes again and get absorbed in the emotions. Also follow her eyes – if she is looking at your lips, you can be sure she is pleased with your kiss and wants more.

Indulge in the sensations: the sight of her lovely face, the scent of her hair, her skin, the touch of her soft lips, her taste... After some intense kissing, establish eye contact again, show her that you love HER, the person, and not only her body.

But you are not in a hurry, so start touching those lips very slowly with yours, as if you were looking for the right spot. Imagine that mere touching her lips might take you over your limits – the delayed passion will grow the intensity of her desire and anticipation. You will see her eyes begging for a full kiss – but you, the Alfa-male will decide when to give it to her.

Kiss her shortly and intensely, tease her, then stop and watch her eyes and face – by now she will understand that she needs to submit with patience and let you decide when you give it to her fully. At this point she will start to melt down. Touch her face, her hair, and when the moment is right, come in for a real kiss, and slowly close your eyes as you approach – this will give her a signal that it is coming, now you will indulge her craving.

Kiss and kiss with passion. Taste her, tease her. Do it sexy. Don’t care about the time, just indulge and get lost in playing the lick and taste game. When the passion is rising, the time is right to go wild – but sometimes stop for a moment, pull away and look in those lovely eyes, make her feel you love her. Change it up a lot, give it variety.

Make your kiss something to remember for a long time, your sexy trademark!

These great photos were found on

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Smooth control

An ordinary man - by aussie_ella

Pushing her gently back onto her knees he once again told her to stay, and got up to fetch her bindings. He carefully appraised her on his return, noting the solidity of her nipples, the sweat under her arms and down the valley of her spine, and lastly the swollen dark appearance of her cunt. He ran a finger along her slit possessively, feeling the slippery smoothness of the juices starting to drip from her and his cock jumped. "You are such a good girl....with such a wanting cunt, aren't you, Ella? You're fertile now, aren't you? In heat for Daddy?"

She nodded and moaned softly, loving the way he knew her, the way he always had known her, better than she knew herself. She felt her body relaxing a little more, and he took the opportunity to place the cuffs on her wrists snugly, the smooth leather fitting nicely around her. He pulled her to her feet with some words of encouragement, and led her to his bedroom where he placed her carefully on the bed, moving slowly, not wanting to frighten her. Positioning her on her belly, he first chained her wrists together above her head through the rings on her cuffs, then looped the chain to the bed-head, tying her securely so she was flat on her belly. She turned her head to the side as he tied her, trusting him now as he moved deliberately and slowly, so calm and controlled it gave her confidence.

The cuffs on her ankles felt as smooth and warm as those on her wrists and she only whimpered softly as he spread her legs wide open, her instinct to close her legs strong. "Ella. Open your legs wider for Daddy." His tone was firm but warm. He watched her obey him for the first time, the first time she had to do as she was told against her want and wish. And he smiled as she obeyed, his cock pulsing as he watched her thighs quiver, her cunt so open to him now as he shackled her ankles to the spreader bar.

He stepped back, admiring his work. Her prone body was quite beautiful, spread and chained and he found himself stroking his cock slowly simply looking at her. Her cunt was unusual, dark like her nipples and anus, very swollen with big dark lips and an incredible propensity to drool. He had only seen a handful of subs this wet in his life and he felt compelled to touch her there.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good enough

If I take you back in the room
Spend you around, my baby
Take off your clothes, and all of mine too
Laid you down, lay down
We can be discreet, nobody has to know
We don't need no sheets, we can just close the door
My baby

I can take you places you ain't been before
Soon as we get there baby
You'll be coming back for more

If it ain't good enough, baby
I'll work harder
I keep pumpin' every minute girl
And, baby I'll do you up, do you up, baby
And I will not stop till I know your heart

If i touch your body tonight, will you touch mine?
Will you touch me baby, right here
Kiss both your lips, and rubbing those thighs
Taste your wine
Let me taste you baby - aaah!

I can do it soft, or I can do it hard
I can make you scream if you let down your guard, my baby
It's not too far from here to ecstasy
I know you want good lovin', so lay your body next to me

Monday, October 19, 2009

How to use control - to get her totally out of control

Want to get her into a trance, out of this world, into the realm of feelings? Where she does not feel anything else, but your sexy touch?

Start playful, kinky. Undress her, while stay all dressed. That is kinky. Because you are dressed, her nakedness feels much more naked. Embarrass her by laying her on the bed, open her legs wide apart, kneel above her and just graze her body with your eyes.Then turn her around, her butt up and all spread, and just look at her cunt. Hmmm. She feels it already coming!

And it is coming, and it is fierce. Lock her legs in position by forcing them apart with your knees, and without warning, rougly invade her pussy with some fingers. Make it a sudden attack, roam around deep, grab into her G-spot, then suddenly stop. Just give her a taste of what still might come, but deny her all the pleasure for now. Play with her, let her expectations grow out of control. Grab her tits from beneath, give the nipples a little hard pinch treat. Hold her down by her neck, and after some passionate stroking, unexpectedly slap on her naked ass. Not too soft, and not just once.

Make it unpredictable, and go a little too far... just to make her wiggle, make her really want to get away, out of your hard grip...


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Secrets of amazing hot sex - Surprise

Let me illustrate it with an example.

You enter the room in a lunchbreak unsuspecting - nothing to see on his face, not suspecting anything, nothing spoken about or arranged -

but suddenly, you see a playful spark in his eyes, melting into a passionate glare of a hunting wild animal spotting its prey, and your arm is clasped, you are drawn onto his lap, no way to resist, he is strong, he is determined, and things go out of control in a second -

being kissed with passion, you are gasping, as you feel his hot breath on your neck, and down, blouse unbuttoned, nipples going crazy being stroked softly, then bitten hard - you are loosing control, cannot help it, you end up leaning agaist the window seal wet hot with your naked bottom perking,

5 amazing secrets of hot-hot-hot sex

Do you want to engage in sex which is super hot all the way?

Experience the most intense, prolonged orgasms you've ever imagined?

Want to feel like you never quite have enough of it?

Then you are at the right place. In the next days, I will post a series of articles here, offering some of the secrets I have learned from my experiences as a geisha.

It is probably not a secret that there are some elements that are common to any good sex. For example, having some kind of a balance of giving and taking. But there is much more to it. Some of you intuitively know and use these, I am sure. Some of you consider one or the other element the most important. But having all these at your fingertips (or at the tips of your tongue, cock, or whatever other parts) can make you into a sex master and giving you awesome power over the other sex. You would not mind that, would you?

I will not keep you waiting, will not sell you a book or a course or anything - I will just get into the middle of it, and give you the hot dope.

Here are the 5 key secrets to amazing hot sex:

  1. Surprise
  2. Passion
  3. Control
  4. Pressure
  5. Rhytm
 I will illustrate each with live examples, starting with surprise.

Stay tuned!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bite me...

Probably you know, that nibbling on the right spots can really turn on your loved one.

Your partner looks so yummy, tastes so sweet, you just want to literally eat her or him all up! Indeed, this instinct comes from the animal kingdom, and has it's root way down the evolutionary track.

"All the places that can be kissed are also the places that can be bitten..." (Kama Sutra, Chapter 5 on Biting)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Soulmates and Spiritual Sex

With higher states of awareness, in sexual relationships you will reach higher planes of eroticism, enjoyment, closeness and a deeper synchronous flow with your partner.

Sex and eroticism are parts of the source of existence and parts of our enlightened or truer selves, and, of course, parts of the connection with our soulmate.

Ancient tantra

Friday, October 2, 2009

Woven into You

I knocked on your door
could you let me in?

invitation granted
the dance of creation started

into these realms
no conscious mind reaches up
only the lightest
most intricate parts of us

what is going on
we are carried away
I am willing effect
the most pleasurable ways
being taken, embraced

oh i cannot follow
no, don't try to follow
just feel it, just feel it
just let yourself go

hold me, hold me
oh, no, let me go 

hold me, hold me
I feel woven into you
and in the same time
joyfully free

by Ruby J Star


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Learning to take it all

Travelling through a wild country of enchanted mountains stopping over in a small picturesque village - its charm got me to stop and stay for the night.

I’m already after dinner, sitting in the local bar.

New town - new people, listening to stories, learning what's happening in an area, checking out the hottest studs… I know I am naughty. My profession has to do with satisfying well paying clients in any way they please – I know my tricks, I know my clients...

One thing I don’t know much about is my limits...