Monday, October 19, 2009

How to use control - to get her totally out of control

Want to get her into a trance, out of this world, into the realm of feelings? Where she does not feel anything else, but your sexy touch?

Start playful, kinky. Undress her, while stay all dressed. That is kinky. Because you are dressed, her nakedness feels much more naked. Embarrass her by laying her on the bed, open her legs wide apart, kneel above her and just graze her body with your eyes.Then turn her around, her butt up and all spread, and just look at her cunt. Hmmm. She feels it already coming!

And it is coming, and it is fierce. Lock her legs in position by forcing them apart with your knees, and without warning, rougly invade her pussy with some fingers. Make it a sudden attack, roam around deep, grab into her G-spot, then suddenly stop. Just give her a taste of what still might come, but deny her all the pleasure for now. Play with her, let her expectations grow out of control. Grab her tits from beneath, give the nipples a little hard pinch treat. Hold her down by her neck, and after some passionate stroking, unexpectedly slap on her naked ass. Not too soft, and not just once.

Make it unpredictable, and go a little too far... just to make her wiggle, make her really want to get away, out of your hard grip...