Thursday, October 1, 2009

Learning to take it all

Travelling through a wild country of enchanted mountains stopping over in a small picturesque village - its charm got me to stop and stay for the night.

I’m already after dinner, sitting in the local bar.

New town - new people, listening to stories, learning what's happening in an area, checking out the hottest studs… I know I am naughty. My profession has to do with satisfying well paying clients in any way they please – I know my tricks, I know my clients...

One thing I don’t know much about is my limits...

You see I am being paid very well for my services, getting all well mannered clients - they usually want me to expertly suck their dick or maybe to spank them a little and make them lick my boots, but normally they are very nice to me, VIP treatment, glass of real Champaign. And they ask me, “please suck my cock", "please bend over" - for such an amount per hour they kind of feel that I deserve respect.
So they do not stretch my limits.

And I am still just a naughty girl inside, and I know I like to provoke guys and my fate.
Well, at this time I really got what I wanted.

Sitting in the bar, chatting with the local boys, they invite me for some drinks – I’m cautious to only accept beer from a bottle opened right in front of my eyes and clean tequila so they cannot trick me with a party drug mixed in my drink - that brings up another story, I will tell you once.

It is already late evening, and I am kind of tired from driving all day - so I decide to finish my drink and go to my hotel for a nice hot shower and a long sleep.

In this moment, the door opens and a tall man enters - he right away catches my attention, as he has that typical bad-boy look, furrowed face, a well worked out, haggard body, but with an elegant flare you know, the experienced James Bond type that have been there and seen it all - picking up this feeling causes an instant meltdown in ladies like me, makes us shiver and offer our body, soul, anything for just a night, or preferably more...

His gaze briefly scans over my face and body, experienced look, right away assesses his chances, I am also not a new one in this business - I pick up that he knows exactly what I think of him... But I can hide my excitement. “Let’s play”, I think, and decide to stay.

He sits down at the bar a few chairs away and starts to chat with the locals, and the owner of the bar. It is not long before he turns to me and introduces himself.

"So you are experienced?" - he teases me after a round of drinks and some warm-up chat.

"Yes", I say, "I am really experienced. I don’t think there are much new things you can show me..."

"Really?” he smiles, “Many women told that to me before. But I might have something, that you probably are not prepared for taking"

"Are you ready to prove that? Challenge me!" - I feel proud and ready to take it, whatever he means. Looking at his tight jeans bulging, he must have a nice piece there - and I do like big cocks.

"OK, girl. So you asked for it, you get it. Let’s pay and go" - right there it started.

I walked into a trap.

In a few minutes we ended up in his lodge, up the nearby hill - a small but cozy dwelling, with an inviting fireplace and a luxury king-size bed.

He is very much to the point. When we enter, he stands in front of me, I stare into his cool blue eyes, he stares into mine – he suddenly pulls me in and kisses deep into my neck, biting - my legs get all weak.

I collaps back onto the bed, his hands are grazing all over my hot body, undressing me totally, my nipples perk up, I ‘m getting wet... he is not like my clients. He is a professional. Hmmm, I like it. Whatever he has in store for me, I am excited to find out.

He holds my naked body down on the bed, forces my wrists above my head. "Go ahead" I think, I like to be all exposed and powerless in the expert hands of such a man.
He binds my wrists with a soft rope to the two bedposts, not hard, but securely, no way I can get them free. I do not object - smile at him and arch my body in expectation.

He softly strokes my breasts and belly, then he looks at me seriously, a weird look, soft but viciously playful:

"I did not tell you my only condition."

"I will go all the way - now there is no way back anymore!"

"There is no release word or anything. You have chosen to take it all, so you get it all."

"I will not quit however it hurts, however you beg to stop. You can scream and shout, but if you do, I will just push harder so I will not gag you, it is up to you, and it is your choice, darling" - his voice is soft but cold as a knife, and I start to feel terror climbing up my spine, mixed with wild excitement.

What is he talking about?! I try to not show that I am shivering inside.

Though I am wet hot, my body is prepared for long to be used and taken, he takes a small pot of lubricant out a drawer - "You will need it" - he says, and it makes me slightly worried - I never need a lubricant I want to say, but I just decide to shut up and let him get on with whatever he pleases to do.

The lube is clod as it touches my sensitive skin. He dances his experienced fingers all around my clitoris, then plays with the lips pinches them, spreading the lubricant, oh, if he is so good at it, I should not be worried at all... He slips his experienced fingers into my body, while playing with my nipples with the other hand and I am moaning, slippery wet all over, ready to have love and ready to loose it all...

Oh, now, a hard finger also circles my anus, I love that feeling, and then softly pushes against it, yes his finger slips in, I let out a small moan - he is making very sure it is all slippery so I cannot resist anything - he just plays his fingers in an out gently, then he explores both of my holes, ah he goes deeper, plays around, uses all the tricks - it is hard to stay composed, I am melting, and if he carries on long...

Then he stops everything, lets me lie there in restless desire, and starts to undress.

Oh my, I am throbbing inside - thinking "Please penetrate me right now... I cannot wait"

He takes off the belt, his eyes grazing all over my body, then unbuttons his pants, stands up, undresses while turning his back to me - oh, what a perfect buttocks, hard muscles, I would like to grab them but my hands are tied up.

Then he looks back, and slowly turns around, watching the expression on my face.

What I see, I cannot easily describe.

It is gigantic.

Very thick - but not just that, it is no problem, I can take anything like that.
But it's also the longest cock I have seen this thick.

I stop breathing, and think in a shock, what I have gotten myself into? Is there a way out?!

I try my luck - "Can I still go to the bathroom?" - he laughs - "that would be a too easy way out, would not it? No darling, you are in for it now. Just breath deeply, it might help!"

He comes closer, pushes my knees apart with his legs - oh I am helpless and in the same time I want him to come into me! "I can take you", I think, "just come!"
He leans over me, kisses my neck, and proceeds down, bites my nipples softly, and he starts to rub the tip of his royal cock to my wet pussy - it feels like a whole fist is rubbing against me, still, I almost cannot stand it, I whisper "I can take you, just come in!"

"No, not yet" he says and he teases me even further, pushing the tip of his dick in just a few millimeters, moving it around a bit, and takes it totally away, while biting my nipples - I'm out of control, do not want to come yet!

Suddenly I feel like letting out a scream - he pushed his cock in, all the way!
I am literally pinned, cannot move, cannot breath...
He just stops right there, and looks at me with that warm-vicious look.
"It hurts, eh?” he smiles slyly, "and it is only half way"
"Noooo", I moan, "that cannot be, it is in all the way!"
"Oh so you want me to come in all the way already?" - he pushes just a bit more - and I feel like being torn apart - it is burning, it hurts... my eyes asking for mercy.

But he does not even back out a millimeter - the pain subsides as my body gets accustomed and stretches further, and I start to feel it, the pressure turns into pleasure of a very strange kind, I never experienced before. It still feels like my uterus will break apart, I look in his eyes begging, will not scream or say a word as I would not be able to take it if he moved...

And with the same hard pull he withdraws his huge dick all the way and I have to bite my lips.

"This was a bit more than half way, there is still a long way to go, a long evening, eh, darling?" He smiles but it is a tough smile... I am getting afraid of him! “You will take it all the way, don’t you worry.”

He stands up, and brings a rope “I will bind your legs too"

I almost cannot stand this. I love to be bound - but now I am getting terrified of what is going to happen. I stay silent and obey in fear of retribution.

He bends my legs and pulls them wide apart, binding each knee to the bedposts behind my head, so I am exposed totally, my pussy is wide open to any attack.

Then he puts some lubricant on his giant cock, approaches again, holds it against the opening of my vagina, and stares at me.

"I love to see when women suffer from my dick - they are so cocky, telling they can take it and then fail miserably - are you one of those?!"

I do not answer just look and expect some painful experience.

And it happens. And it is more painful, than I expected.
A sudden thrust and my eyes roll up, and I cannot breathe.
Burns inside like fire.

He is more in me than anyone before and it is just a part of his dick.
And then the torture starts - my legs up and apart, I cannot resist even if I wanted to - I just gasp, in an effort to breathe deeply while he pushes in, and more in...

He never backs out, even a millimeter. Just stays there, waits till the pain subsides, and when he senses that I might take more, he pushes even more.
He pushes it a few millimeters at a time, and I always feel this is the end, my vagina will be torn apart, my uterus will break.

One time I can’t help but let out a little scream - and I get my punishment for it - he pushes not so softly, but moves back and forth very hard just couple of times - then pulling his cock out completely, leaving my lower body with throbbing pain and looks at me "I told you" - and he is in me again, I cannot even gasp, while he keeps on slowly pushing, and working his giant dick deeper and deeper.

Suddenly, to my amazement, pleasure starts to emerge and take over the pain.
No idea how can a body be so flexible. It learns to take it.

I suddenly give over, I give in.
I do not resist anymore. I relax.
“Come, I take you!”

He is pushing against the ever-deepest point of my vagina. I start to move my hips, now I want even more, not anymore caring about the sharp, continuous pain mixing into the pleasure. He withdraws a bit and stops - then pushes hard more - then stops - this is maddening, I am only an inch away from the wildest orgasm of my life - he is holding my lifeline - I am at his mercy… Then he pushes once more and rubs the tip of his dick against that sacred deepest point, he does not withdraw anymore, he knows very well I am on the edge – he lets me come.

And I COME. And I come and I come, come, come and come. Aaaaaahh... Almost falling unconscious. Forgetting where I am, who I am. It is the weirdest pleasure I ever felt. Wild, wild feelings taking over my body. Shaking, tears running - I don't care.

He waits gently till my intense orgasm subsides, and then he starts - now it is his time. By now I’m prepared to take it. He is going wild. And I take it, take it and take it - does not care about pain anymore, I just want to please his cock, I want to give him all I can - and suddenly he starts to loose it - and he is coming too, takes his cock out just a half second before he explodes, and starts to roar like a lion – yes, he explodes all over my pleasure-ridden body, his sperm covers me in showers...

Then we just lie there quietly, he untied me already - looking at each other - me in deep amazement – and I can see a fraction of respect in his eyes, I think I passed the test, yes, I learned to take it.

Hours later, I can still hardly wake up or walk, it still hurts inside, but I’m proud not to show it.

After days, it still bleeds sometimes, and my lower body hurts at any sudden moves.

But I learned a lesson.

I learned to take it all.


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