Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nipple orgasm

In the middle of the night, when I came in the bedroom, I found him sitting in the bed, reading. I climbed on the bed, went on my knees besides him, and looked at his kind face. He gazed into my eyes for a long moment, then he pulled me close to his chest, lightly kissing and biting my neck that sent shivers through my body. Then made me lye into his lap. I looked up to him.

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He was not preparing me for what he wanted to do. Just started off and got me right into the middle. A mere touch of his hand melted me down and made me drop any conscious plan or articulate thought. At this time he went for my nipples. As usual, I could not resist. I closed my eyes - I was simply gone.

His hands wandered higher on my chest, he forced them under my bra and started his play. My nipples became rock hard and erected, like sweet candy ready for licking and sucking. His hands were literally radiating a deeply penetrating sensual energy. Every move and touch of his hand sent goosbumps all over my breasts and body.

For a moment I looked up and his eyes said lovingly "Yeah, that's my little girl" - then he went right to work again. He sucked one nipple, biting it artfully while rubbing the other one with a feather-like touch that made me moan. I was now thoroughly aroused through my tits. I gave over my full body to his touch - not that I had any other choice - letting him play on it like on a fine instrument - and playing he was. Like a concert pianist.

Pleasure sweeping me over, I raised my arms, nodding my head from side to side as if I were dreaming - yes, I was. He did not let me sleep though, kept on intensely adoring my nipples, my breasts and every part of my body where he was able to reach - I squirmed and heaved my chest up and down to the rhythm of his motions. I was not acting, I felt like I was going to come. He was not touching my clitoris at all, still I felt I was getting the full treat - I was hot and wet everywhere. I squeezed and rubbed my tights together, as my whole body was engulfed with pleasure waves. Coming back from my daze I realized I got treated with my first nipple orgasm...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sand sculpture

Hey, it's summer! Go out to the nearest beach and have some fun building sand castles and ... 
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Blowjobs for dummies

You are about to read a do and don't article that will suggest how a woman can dramatically improve her BJ skills, if indeed they need improving. Some women out there love to suck a cock s much we love to lick pussies, and need no improvement at all – none. They live for it. They love the feel, the taste, the sight. They moan with pleasure when they suck. They slobber all over you. They rub a cock on their face like it's a wrinkle remover. To those women I say, "Come to papa!" But in any event, you still may learn just one thing that will improve your performance, or clarify that you are as good as you thought. If so, it's worth reading – and you may have some fun. Read it at a party, that ought to spice things up!

Anatomy-wise, the penis is relatively uncomplicated. There's the head, shaft and balls. Hasn't changed much since the cave man. But let's get a little more technical. The entire head of the penis is called the glans. The crown itself, the ridge of flesh separating the glans and the shaft is called the corona. The meatus is the opening at the tip of the penis where urine and semen emit. And the frenulum is the underside of the corona where the circle of the corona comes together, and where the shaft connects to the corona, that 'V' shape. The scrotum is of course the sac that hangs below the penis and holds the testes. Under that is the perineum, or 'taint' area, leading to the anus. If you need photos, there are many, many websites that have them, if they're even needed. Got all that? They don't teach all this in health class as a way of improving your blowjobs do they? Hmm…maybe they should.

I wrote this information not to bore you, but because I don't want to describe it over and over in the rest of the article. As I've said before, I'm not a doctor. Yet, I've been to the doctor many times, never discussed blowjobs. He did stick his finger up my ass with a glove on though. And that was in the waiting room. So we made a deal, I won't practice medicine and he won't write about how to give a blowjob. Sounds like a better deal for me.

Now, here's the fun part, the do's and don'ts of giving a spectacular blowjob. These can put you in the BJ Hall of Fame. Where is it located you ask? In my display case next to the baseball trophies? It will have to remain a secret for now kids, but it's not in Canton, Ohio.

OK, you're kissing, you're rubbing, you've kissed your way down his neck and chest. You've lifted his shirt and kissed down his stomach, and you're unbuckling his belt. What now?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Office job

Ladies, this is a hint. Give a special treatment to your hard working man sometimes.
He will apprechiate it, I promise.

Iveta at work - found on Nudidity

"... Moments later, she shimmied off my fingers and beckoned to me to sit down in my office chair behind my desk. I dropped my pants and briefs and sat down, stroking my 9” cock gently, expecting her to sit on my dick. She didn’t. I watched her walk around the front of my desk. She dropped to her knees and crawled underneath it. I couldn’t believe my wife was about to make my fantasy of an at-work, under-the-desk BJ a reality, but that’s exactly what she was doing. I felt her tug at my desk chair to roll me closer to the desk. I couldn’t even see her, only feel her soft hands stroking my legs.

I felt her tongue flick the sensitive tip of my cock. Damn, she was good. She licked it from the base to the tip, still invisible underneath my desk. I sat back and groaned in ecstasy as she licked me all over. She sucked gently at each ball, taking them into her mouth and working them carefully with her tongue.

Finally, when she knew I wanted it more than anything, she took my cock all the way into her mouth and began to deep-throat me. She impaled her mouth on my dick with each stroke. Her perfect little lips felt wet and soft against my cock as she mouth-fucked me, giving the perfect combination of friction and suppleness. I reached under the desk and grabbed her head, pushing my cock deeper into her throat as she sucked hungrily.

Summer passion

Because it is very hot out there...
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Pic from Met Art gallery

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

G-spot - there is no evidence!?

Recent scientific study questions the existence of the G-spot.

On the basis of interviewing twins British researchers evaluated that the existence of the G-spot in women is a myth. Their studies were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Andrea Burri asked 1800 women about their subjective experiences. The survey participants were identical and fraternal twins. The authors assumed that if one member of identical twins found the existence of the G-spot, then the other should too, as they are anatomically identical. Of identical and fraternal twins it occured in roughly the same proportion, that one of the twins in particular felt the existence of the G-spot and the other is not.

Based on this the researcher assumes that the specific erogenous zone, the G-spot can actually be a myth. However, a professional sexologist called attention to the fact that the sexual experience can be different with different partners, thus subjective reports can be mistaken for a scientific assessment.

But we do not have to be scientists or sexologists to get an answer to the above question. We can set up an experiment at any time, in the intimacy of our own home, or practically anywhere.

I am really sorry for the scientists who concluded this "fact", probably they lack a well grounded practical sexual education, or never had a good partner before...

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