Monday, December 7, 2009

A woman giving head with eyes open - power game?

I read about this question on a blog a few weeks ago.

It was also discussed, whether to kiss with open or closed eyes.The vast majority of voters voted in favor of kissing with eyes closed.

But when they asked the readers how they like to give oral pleasure (help: blowjob, licking), with eyes open or closed, more were in favor keeping their eyes open.

Non-representative survey result showed that both versions have their fans, except those who are not willing to go oral at all, but that will be the subject of another post:
68% voted for keeping eye contact,
21% voted for closing their eyes
11% does not like to engage in anything oral...

Zoe Britton - found on Nudidity 

Those who voted for eyes closed say that this is mainly a sign that the active party enjoys what he or she does. This, as they said, also increases the excitement of the other partner. However, there were those who siply get embarrassed catching a glimps of their partner looking at them while giving a blowjob, and rather close their eyes instead.

But most swear by keeping eye contact.

One of the men interviewed said that he considers it a power game when a woman is looking in his eyes while having his dick is in her mouth. He voted for open eyes in the case of licking: "I like to see it in her eyes, the growing desire, the demand for orgasm. To me, that the exciting, especially when we maintain eye contact all along till she comes. "

It is not something to judge on, it's more of a question for a vote. Do you open your eyes or keep it closed while you orally satisfy your partner? The truly courageous could also write the reason why.