Thursday, January 7, 2010

G-spot - there is no evidence!?

Recent scientific study questions the existence of the G-spot.

On the basis of interviewing twins British researchers evaluated that the existence of the G-spot in women is a myth. Their studies were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Andrea Burri asked 1800 women about their subjective experiences. The survey participants were identical and fraternal twins. The authors assumed that if one member of identical twins found the existence of the G-spot, then the other should too, as they are anatomically identical. Of identical and fraternal twins it occured in roughly the same proportion, that one of the twins in particular felt the existence of the G-spot and the other is not.

Based on this the researcher assumes that the specific erogenous zone, the G-spot can actually be a myth. However, a professional sexologist called attention to the fact that the sexual experience can be different with different partners, thus subjective reports can be mistaken for a scientific assessment.

But we do not have to be scientists or sexologists to get an answer to the above question. We can set up an experiment at any time, in the intimacy of our own home, or practically anywhere.

I am really sorry for the scientists who concluded this "fact", probably they lack a well grounded practical sexual education, or never had a good partner before...

Photo found on Sexoteric